We are now living in the Obama Economy. Barack Obama and other liberal Democrats have determined that if they can control the economy, they can control the American people. The Obama Economy is harming America financially and utterly tears at our foundational soul by creating a nation of takers, instead of a nation of makers.


It’s no accident that our energy prices are skyrocketing.  The reckless policies and agendas pushed by the Obama administration are costing Americans billions of dollars.  Cap and trade, the constant threat of EPA mandates, the moratorium in the Gulf, and reluctance to harvest America’s energy resources have left us in utter dependence on Middle Eastern oil.  Any solution to our energy crisis that doesn’t recognize that America must begin producing its own energy is no solution at all.


Jobs are being lost on a daily basis.  Families are being harmed.  Millions of Americans have simply given up looking for work.  Obama has pushed our small business owners to the brink by raising taxes, kowtowing to union interests, and forcing government mandates on hard-working Americans.   The only way our country will return to prosperity is by reducing taxes, repealing ObamaCare, and getting government out of the way.


Obama and the Democrats in Congress single-handedly passed the most devastating legislation to small businesses in the history of this country by voting for ObamaCare. Government mandates and higher taxes have left business owners scared to hire additional employees or to expand and grow their companies. Obama makes no apologies for this job killing law, which is no surprise since he has never held or created a private sector job.


The federal debt is over 14 trillion dollars and counting. That is roughly $46,000 per every American citizen. With the debt increasing by almost 4.5 billion dollars per day and a budget deficit of 1.3 trillion dollars, Obama’s spend first and ask questions later attitude is bankrupting America and devaluing the dollar.  Bigger government for Obama means more control over our families and small businesses.  It’s WAY PAST TIME to stop the spending, reduce the debt, and limit the government!

Roger Williams is a true conservative with over 38 years of experience as a small business owner.  Roger is a proven job creator, and is the only candidate in the race for U.S. Congress who still runs a business. He can challenge Obama's plan because he has to live with it every day.  Each time he pays health premiums for his employees, or pays the electricity bill, or pays his company's taxes, Roger Williams sees first-hand what Obama is doing. Roger is the only candidate with the business experience to confront Obama on these issues and win.

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